Metal Flex® can produce bellows from a large variety of materials including but not limited to, all the 300 Series SST's AM-350 SST (annealed or heat treated), Inconels, Monels, Hastelloys, etc. to meet various requirements for corrosion resistance, life expectancy and non-magnetic. We also have a complete machine shop in house allowing our skilled toolmakers and machinists to manufacture all the flanges and hardware necessary to meet our customers' exacting specifications.

All welding at Metal Flex® is performed in a clean, controlled atmosphere using both TIG and pulse TIG processes. Our products are welded using a fusion process with no filler materials added. All welds and finished assemblies are leak tested on Helium Mass Spectrometers and certified to 1 x 10 -9 STD. CC/SEC. He. (-10 and -11 certification is available upon request).

Listed below are just some of the applications and options that Metal Flex® is capable of.



  • - Axial
  • - Lateral
  • - Angular
Custom Flange Design

Custom Flange Design

  • -Will manufacture to customer specifications.
Seals- Vacuum/Gas- Valve Seals

Seals- Vacuum/Gas- Valve Seals

  • - Pulp Paper
  • - Petrochemical
  • - Chemical
  • - Argon
  • - Hydrogen
  • - Oxygen
  • - Nitrogen
Guiding devices- Sag/Column Buckling/Vertical

Guiding devices- Sag/Column Buckling/Vertical

Horizontal/Differential Pressures- Internal- Bushing
  • - Rulon
  • - Teflon
  • - Bronze
  • - Scissor Device
  • - Guide Rods
Metallurgical Analysis

Metallurgical Analysis

  • -Thorough weld bead analysis
  • -Welder certification
Bellows Repair

Bellows Rebuild/Repair

  • -Reuse flanges
  • -Less expensive
  • -Quicker lead time
Expansions Joints and Accumulators

Expansions Joints and Accumulators

  • -Air Intakes
  • -Engine Drains
  • -Aneroids
Non bellows welding

Non Bellows Welding

  • - Will meet your microscopic welding needs.
Custom Bellows Designs

Custom Bellows Designs

  • - Rippled
  • - Cantilever
  • - Other non circular designs

Customer satisfaction is the #1 priority at Metal-Flex®.